Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Chapter Four

Jon widened his stance, bracing himself for the impact that was his Lily. He hiked her up, sliding slowly into her as water lapped around him. “Like this, perhaps?”

Her heels dug into the back of his thighs and her hands raked up into his hair, all sea slicked and ropey. She groaned as he moved inside her, changing the angle when he let her fall back in his arms.

He trudged forward. Her body silky and warm as the tropical waters that surrounded the island. He tightened his grip on her ass, anchoring himself inside of her. “Just you and me LJ.” He breathed against her mouth, then her neck when she pulled her mouth out of reach. The surf sucked at her as he fought the undertow. He dropped her to the sand and stroked long and deep inside of her as sand pulled around them.

Digging his knee into the edge of the water he pulled out and drove himself deep, dragging her knee up higher. "Now I can see you." He pushed it higher so he could go still deeper, until her knee was even with his shoulder. He flipped it over her shoulder and looked down at her. "Now I can see everything." He watched as he disappeared inside of her.

Sand shifted under her back as he moved them, “oh god, Jon!” She rolled him so he hit the sand with a thud and straddled him, squeezing his hips between her knees. She laced her fingers in his, pinning them at shoulder level as she slowly sank down on him. “Now I can see you,” she barely rolled her hips as he cursed under her. “What was that?”She grinned, knowing she had him right where she wanted him. She’d never been as confident with men, as she’d grown with Jon, but now she felt like she had the freedom to do anything.

"Son of a--" he broke off and arched up to meet her swivelled hips. His hand reached up to find her hair, matted with sand and sea, it didn't matter. It wasn't silky now so he could get a good grip. He pulled her to his mouth, sitting up as he lifted his hips, rolling her again to her back. "I like to watch." He folded her knee up to her chest, groaning when he went as deep as possible. Her walls clenched him until milking was all he knew.

He pushed harder, faster, covering her body with his until her legs wrapped around his hips. And this time he rolled it so he was on his back once more. "Ride me," he said hoarsely.

Her palms flattened on in his chest, her nails raking through the fine hair. She squeezed her knees tight and let her inhibitions go as she slammed down on him hard. His cock swelled inside of her, and the course texture of sand coated skin slapped between them, over the ocean.

She arched over her mouth greedily finding his, while keeping the rhythm steady. His hands were free and had found other things to occupy themselves with, as he cupped her breasts and rolled his thumb across her nipples.

He rolled forward, his mouth zeroing on one salty tip as he sat up. At the same time it drove him deeper as she gasped and he sucked hard on her sensitive little nipple. Her arms wrapped around his neck, dragging him closer now.

His nails raked down her back, digging into her ass as she continued her forward rocking. Sand was in nearly every place he could think of, but it didn't matter just then. He sucked harder, until she arched back weakly. He moved onto the other side, her fingers fisting his sea matted hair.

She cried out, screaming through one orgasm and then riding headfirst into the next. She’d long forgotten that they were on a beach, outside in the middle of nowhere, she just didn’t care.

Her mind derailed in an instant, where they were, what they were doing in a public, but private place. She just didn’t care. All she cared about was that clever mouth and the way he made her feel, alive.

It became more urgent, lips and teeth raked over sensitive skin. Fingers dug in, and her hands wound through his hair, dragging him away from her breasts to her lips. The taste of wine, salt mixed with the dark flavor of him.

He'd crawled up off the sand, his legs out under her and hers over his hips, her feet digging into the sand. Her fingers curled around his biceps urging him to push her further, if she could possibly go there.

She lowered herself onto him, and the roaring in his brain intensified as she widened her thighs to show everything to him. Each sucking, pull of her body accepting him burned his gut and his balls as he tried to hold on. Sex and the after burn of no return plowed through him. He lifted his hips to meet her. He slid a hand between then and hooked his knuckle over her hood and found the painfully hard tip of her clit and rubbed. She tipped back; he cradled her with his knees and cursed as he had to put his hand down for balance. It left a new angle as he slammed into her, riding the tremors inside of her. He arched and swore as his arms burned but he pushed her past another orgasm and growled through his own.

She collapsed on top of him, heaving for her breath burying her head into the crook of his neck. Her body quaked with delicious aftershocks as she settled against him. His heart drummed against her ear while she came down from whatever cloud she was still floating on.

“Oh god, I can’t move...I can’t breathe.” She closed her eyes, the cool breeze now rolling in off the ocean, quickly melting the warmth away. He was amazing, and she loved him like crazy. There was no way she was going to let him go, if that’s the route he was thinking. Not now, not ever. “I still want my dessert,” she managed, the salt drying out her mouth.

He laughed and curled his arms around her back and kissed her forehead. He would be content to stay here with her like this forever, here in their little bubble. They’d done so well to create their own little bubbles, away from their real lives, they had to. It was all they had being so far away from each other. He looked around the beach and their clothes were nowhere to be found. "Do you realize how far down we are?"

She lifted her head and looked up, the twinkling lights from their beach house winked a distance away. “Well I’ll be damned,” she laughed and flicked his nose. “What are we going to do with you? You lead me into all kinds of trouble mister. I can’t seem to control myself around you.”

He smirked, “LJ – you were controlling me pretty damn well just before.” He rolled her onto her back and pushed up off her. When she pouted, he laughed and hooked her over his shoulder and started walking. “Who says you don’t work out when you’re on holiday.”

“I so need a shower, I don’t want to think about all the places I have sand, or I’ll freak out.”

His laugh was long and low as he folded his arm across her thigh. “Need a back washer?” That was his Lily all right.

“You’ll be washing that and my hair, and everything else. And then we get dessert.”

“Who says there is any dessert?” He found their clothes and scooped them up in his free hand and trudged further back up to the house.

“There better be, or you’re so not getting anymore sex.”

He lifted her gently down back onto the porch and tucked away the thick ropes of her hair. Even as sand slicked, matted mess, she was gorgeous. “There’s dessert. Ice-cream and hot fudge sauce.” He captured her delighted mouth in a kiss before popping her ass. “Now go start that shower, I’ll be there in a second.”

She squealed as she made a beeline the bathroom in the beach house. Their beach house, Jon picked up the papers he’d hidden earlier to show her. He’d bought it, not rented it, and in both of their names, hoping that this would go a long way to cementing their future together.


  1. He bought it.... o wow! Did he buy a ring yet?

  2. LMAO! Through the first half of the chapter all I could think about was sand being in places that you really don't want sand!

    Awww he bought it! Nice, Jon!

    Hot fudge sauce? My favourite...now I'm hungry! LOL