Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Chapter One

Please note: This takes place one year after the conclusion of Fire and Ice, Jon and Lily's last installment.

December 26th 2004.

Lily St James had grown to hate airports, it wasn’t as if she wasn’t used to them, her job usually took her to Europe and the US every once and awhile. This was before she’d met Jon, and since then she had flown to New York and back enough times in a year to earn gold status on her air mile program. If she didn’t have to wait in another airport queue for a month, it’d be the best damn Christmas present ever.

It had been a year, and a second Christmas had passed in the relationship she had with Jon. This year had been different, they’d decided to spend Christmas with their families and disappear from Boxing Day onwards on a romantic getaway. Her legs ached, right up to her shoulders as the weight of another year gone started to sink into her body. She needed a holiday, and she needed Jon.

She clipped her purse shut and stepped off, oh yes, another plane onto the tarmac. Fortunately this was the tropical paradise of St Barthelemy, where she was meeting Jon for a week of bliss with just her and him away from the big wide world. She sighed and breathed in the warm sea-air, the humidity hit her like blanket but she didn’t care. Jon was flying in a little later on, but he had taken the liberty of booking their suite, and having it ready for her to relax in before he arrived.

Good thing as she didn’t intend on relaxing at all when he did.

Thanksgiving seemed so long ago in her mind, and that’s the last time they saw each other. “Too long,” she muttered as she headed into the tiny little airport that was a welcome sight away from the hustle and bustle of JFK and Heathrow. God, she could smell the beach from here, and she couldn’t wait to dig her toes into the sand. She collected her luggage and found a neatly suited man holding her name on a placard.

“That’s me,” she smiled, she didn’t expect anything less. Whenever she flew into JFK, Jon always had his driver waiting for her, so she’d grown accustomed to expecting it. There were still a lot of things about Jon, that were unexpected, and that’s what made this fun. She settled into the back seat of the car when her purse vibrated. She fished out her phone and pried it open.

“Lily St James.”

“You’re on holiday young lady, you shouldn’t be answering your phone, “ the whiskey roughened voice had her smiling as she reclined back into the seat.

“Oh yea? And how else would I take this very important phone call?”

“Very true, god I miss you LJ. It’s been far too long, six pm cannot come quick enough.”

She glanced at her watch, it was a little after two, “just think of all the things I could get ready by then.”

“I’ll just need you naked, and on the bed. That’s it.”

She burst out laughing, “You are a very bad man. You know that right?”

“I hope so, as I haven’t been bad in nearly four weeks. I’d be disappointed otherwise.”

She’d missed his dirty humor, long weeks and long nights holed up in her office had sucked the life force out of her in the last little while. She needed this vacation and she needed him. “Well naked I can do,” she cupped her hand over the phone so the driver wouldn’t hear.

“Great, now I’m gonna be hard the entire flight. Thanks LJ.”

She chuckled and then sighed. “I’ve missed this. I’ve been so damn busy to notice it, even though it’s always been there.”

“I know how you feel, we’ve been writing for the new album so we can get into the studio next year.”

She smiled hearing the excitement in his voice, as it always was when he talked about his music. The highlight of the year for her was when she flew over to Atlantic City to see him perform some of their rarities in a very heartfelt intimate setting. He was amazing and devastating all at once. She loved big rock and roll Jon, but strip him back and leave him standing there with just his voice and raw emotion, yeah that’d do nicely. “I hope I’m inspiring you.”


Her brow shot up, “I have? Like what?” She was only kidding him but he wasn’t kidding back.

“You’ll see, now look I’ve got to go, but I’ll be seeing you very soon... and me and Little Jon are very excited about that possibility.”

“Excuse me? Little Jon? If I recall—there’s nothing little about him, or his

He laughed, “I know I just needed an ego boost. See you soon LJ.”

“You are such a sh-" but there was silence, he’d hung up knowing full well she was about to call him out.

“We’re here Miss.” She snapped shut her cell phone shut and frowned when she looked up out the window, sand, and lots of it. “Where in the world are we?”

The driver got out and popped open her door. “We’re here, it’s just down a little further but the road is basically sand so we’ll have to walk.” He collected her bags and motioned for her to walk with him down the path into trees at the foot of the hill.

Ok, this was odd. She looked around, she was away from the mainland, north from the tiny village that they’d whipped through. Villas were dotted around in the lush green hills that surrounded them, but all she could see was sand. She could hear the roar of the ocean, she just couldn’t see it.

They rounded the corner and her breathing became optional. Nestled at the foot of the hill, a little wooden villa stood, with a wraparound porch spilling out onto the sand, and barely yards away, was the greeny blue ocean.

She blinked, and didn’t feel the tear slide down her cheek. This was absolutely incredible.

“M’am?” She opened her mouth and then shut it again. She followed him up to the house, a cherry yellow, with a white trim and the windows sparkled under the hot St Barts sunshine.

“Sure, sorry.” Great, he thinks I’m an idiot. It was homely but in her heart fit for
a king.

“Anything else you need? I think you’ll find all you need is inside, as per Mr Bongiovi’s wishes.”

She paid him and smiled. “Thank you so much, it’s perfect.” She didn’t even hear him leave as she stood stupefied grinning like a loon. She took her bags inside and set them down on the couch. It was bigger inside than she expected as it wrapped around the side of the hill with ocean views from every room in the house.

“You are so going to get lucky Jon,” she murmured tracing her fingers along the edge of the marble in-ground tub, with you guessed it -Oceans views. The four posted bed looked like something out of a fairytale as the wind whipped in off the sea gliding the lace in the air.

She flopped backwards onto the bed sinking into pure luxury, but sat up when she felt something poke into her back. She reached around and found a small package gaily wrapped in silver and blue, with her name clearly marked on the card attached.


Something for you, ok it’s really for me.


She pulled the tissue paper apart to find a black string bikini, and a see through candy colored beach robe. “Oh my, you are a naughty boy Mr Bongiovi.”

She couldn’t resist and quickly changed, normally her own swim suit wouldn’t be this generous with skin, but hell they were alone, really alone out here. She admired herself in the full length mirror in the bedroom and her eyes fell to the dresser. Two bottles of her favourite coconut lotion and spray sat there winking up at her with another little note.

Something else for me.

She squealed and slathered herself up nicely, she still had some time for when Jon arrived so she helped herself to a well stocked bar fridge and poured a wine. This was the life, they hadn’t even exchanged Christmas Presents yet, but as far as Lily was concerned, this was the best one in spades.


  1. Well hellooooo Jon and LJ. *sigh* I do love that nick, btw. ;) I can hear his voice saying it. And 2004? All that blonde shaggy, delicious, muscular male.
    That'll do--and god, how can she wait calmly?! LOL

    I loved it. And let me tell you one thing--I WANT THAT HOUSE! Right on the sand? Secluded? Wrap around porch with a 360 view of the ocean from every room?


    That'll do, sir.

    Sounds like it'll be a lovely little encounter.

  2. Tara, save a room for me, I'm in need of the beach right about now. LOL

    Glad to see Jon and LJ back. Can't wait to see how this little encounter turns out.

    Thanks for bringing them back ma'am...

  3. Joining the party at the beach. LOL

    Gawd! What I wouldn't do for a vacation like that! Complete with Jon of course LOL

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